What We're Reading ~ 4/20/16 ~ market folly

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What We're Reading ~ 4/20/16

The Great Minds of Investing [William Green]

On simplicity versus complexity in investing [Reformed Broker]

Capital allocation - defining what is good and what is bad [Value and Opportunity]

Why we think we're better investors than we are [NYTimes]

Billing by millionths of pennies, cloud computing takes in billions [NYTimes]

Inside Amazon's cloud computing infrastructure [DataCenter Frontier]

Inside the nondescript building where trillions trade each day [Bloomberg]

The Energy Transfer - Williams poker game [SL-Advisors]

Kinder Morgan: asymmetric upside potential [Value and Opportunity]

India's thirst for oil is overtaking China's [Bloomberg]

HDR is TV's next big format war [CNET]

Profile on Google's Sundar Pichai [Buzzfeed]

How Jeff Bezos became a power beyond Amazon [Fortune]

Inside the house that Jack Ma built [Bloomberg]

The billionaire behind Walgreens' quest for global dominance [Fortune]

Media websites battle faltering ad revenue [NYTimes]

Ugg: the look that refused to die [The Guardian]

Critical things successful people do every day [Linked In]

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