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Friday, May 27, 2016

Hedge Fund Links ~ 5/27/16

The 2016 rich list of the world's top earning hedge fund managers [ii alpha]

3 lessons from hedge funds' rise and (partial) fall [Morningstar]

John Burbank sees US recession, China devaluation within year [Bloomberg]

Some recent thoughts from David Tepper [Forbes]

Is stock shorting smart if you aren't Jim Chanos? [Barrons]

Tudor cuts fees on some funds [Bloomberg]

UBS prime brokerage crowded positions report [LadyFOHF]

Concerns grow over hedge fund bunching effect [eFinancialNews]

Hedge funds aren't what they used to be [Marketplace]

Calling the bottom for the hedge fund industry [CNBC]

We asked an expert why hedge funds still exist [Vice]

Insurance industry falling out of love with hedge funds [Bloomberg]

Hedge funds hold onto last year's favorites [ii alpha]

Goldman Sachs explains why hedge funds aren't magic anymore [Yahoo Fin]

Rise of the billionaire robots [The Guardian]

Money managers seek AIs 'deep learning' [FT]

Hedge funds may lose 25% of assets, Blackstone says [Bloomberg]

One hedge fund goes against industry titans on big China banks [Bloomberg]

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