What We're Reading ~ 8/3/16 ~ market folly

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What We're Reading ~ 8/3/16

Ego is the enemy [Ryan Holiday]

Is active management dead? Not even close [CFA Institute]

When is a 'value' company not a value? [Investing Research]

Interview with Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes [Bloomberg]

On Tiger Global's bet on Flipkart [LiveMint]

Amazon's ascent in India shows that price isn't everything [Nikkei]

On capital light compounders [Base Hit Investing]

Why is the stock market so high? Ask the bond market [NYTimes]

US homeownership rate falls to five-decade low [WSJ]

How China became the world's e-commerce king [TheDrum]

Didi schools Uber on doing business in cutthroat China [Bloomberg]

Uber finds passage to India blocked by Ola [Bloomberg]

What happened to Yahoo? [Waiters Pad]

Google plots cheaper wireless future to expand fiber project [Bloomberg]

Here comes 5G wireless, but first a reality check [Recode]

Big US brokerages chase the rich [Reuters]

App coins and the dawn of the decentralized business model [Medium]

How free mobile games are designed to make money [Vox]

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