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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Exclusive Branding/Design Package For Investment Firms: Our Readers Save 50%

Our friends at Board Studios have put together a design/branding package with an exclusive 50% discount for MarketFolly readers.  They do fantastic work and we really can't recommend them enough.

In a "Google it" world, your firm's online presence, message, and branding are critical to attracting potential clients.  This package is perfect for readers who run a hedge fund, investment partnership, registered investment adviser (RIA), private equity firm, or financial advisory.

If your firm needs a website, wants to modernize your design, or better communicate your investment philosophy to investors, Board Studios is your ideal partner.  This is because the founder is an investor with 10+ years of experience on Wall St, including investment banking, private equity, and hedge funds.

Board Studios was founded 4 years ago and they're building *the* digital agency for financial services.  They know the industry inside-out so you won't be dealing with junior account managers or people that don't understand investing or your product.

Exclusive Discount For Readers

Normally priced at $20,000 MarketFolly readers get an exclusive 50% discount.  We fought hard to get this price and the offer is limited to the first 20 who reach out to Board Studios' founder at: kosta@boardstudios.com

For $10,000 you get all of the below:

- Visual identity (logo, branding, and presentation design)
 - Web design & development (up to 5 separate pages)
 - Video on your investment philosophy (1 minute duration: filmed live in NYC or whiteboard-animated
 - Call with the founder for advice on crafting the right message

As investors, you're often so focused on your portfolio that you forget to invest in something just as important: your own firm.  The guys at Board Studios are great and they've been extremely generous by giving our readers this exclusive deal.

Email Kosta at kosta@boardstudios.com with the subject line "MarketFolly Offer" to lock-in your savings before it's too late.  And even if you don't need the services right away, you can secure the savings for anytime during the rest of 2016.

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