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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

David Tepper: Market Multiple Kind of Full, Short Bonds, Long European Equities

David Tepper, founder of hedge fund Appaloosa Management, was interviewed on CNBC this morning.  Here's the highlights. 

Regarding the markets in general, Tepper said "Listen, I don't think the market is cheap by any stretch of a multiple, you can't say that.  On the other hand, with that backdrop of growth around the world, with the potential we'll do other things here, with the sugar that's still being put on by the ECB, BOJ and let's face it, the Fed is way low ...  You can't be short in that kind of setup.  I'm not suggesting the market is really cheap, but listen, it's hard to go short when you still have the 'drugs' being given.  The punch bowl is still full."  He went on to add, "On a multiple basis it's kind of full... I don't think the market's cheap." 

Regarding bonds, Tepper continues to be bearish and is short them: "If we're short US bonds, we're betting on a stronger economy here.  That's the bet.  Listen... bonds are really hard to own, the yields are really low."

Tepper also noted he bought Snap Inc (SNAP) shares in the IPO but sold on the spike higher.  "I'm not jumpin' through the hoop to buy it at $21.80.  But if it trades back down to the original offer price, I'd love to buy the stock there.  I'm a believer in the company, it's a valuation question to me.  Up near $30 it's too high for right now ... My youngest daughter loves the thing.  Anybody between 12 and 25 loves it, it's kind of anti-Facebook in that generation."

On Apple (AAPL): Trimmed the position due to concerns over China policy, but that shoe never dropped.  "I wouldn't be adding at $139."

He also likes Europe:  "I am long European equities, I could lose my behind.  There's upside people aren't recognizing.  It's a probability game to me.  (Valuations) are much much lower (than the US). 

On the Federal Reserve, he thinks they will raise interest rates more quickly.

Appaloosa now manages around $17 billion.  You can see the rest of their portfolio in the new issue of Hedge Fund Wisdom.

Embedded below are videos from David Tepper's interview with CNBC:

Video on the market:

Video on shorting bonds:

Video on the Federal Reserve:

Video on Snap Inc (SNAP):

Video on Europe & ECB:

Video on Apple (AAPL):

Video on regulation / tax cuts:

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