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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What We're Reading ~ 6/7/17

Investing between the lines: how to make smarter decisions decoding CEO communication [Rittenhouse]

Honored to be included in list of 50 of the best investing blogs [Acquirers Multiple]

Interview with Blackstone's Steve Schwarzman [Bloomberg]

What do you know with a high degree of confidence about investing? [Abnormal Returns]

Why it's so hard to admit you're wrong [NYTimes]

Inversion: the crucial thinking skill nobody ever taught you [James Clear]

Is Sephora killing the department store beauty counter? [Consumerist]

Estee Lauder vs L'Oreal: who's winning beauty's arms race? [Business of Fashion]

The economics of eSports [Digits to Dollars]

Profile of the founders of Atlassian (TEAM): The Wizards From Oz [Forbes]

Profile of SoulCycle's CEO [Fortune]

How the QR code has forever changed China's social habits [SCMP]

An introduction to LIDAR: the key self-driving car sensor [Voyage Auto]

Ten myths about machine learning [Medium]

Why Amazon is eating the world [Techcrunch]

On retail carnage: perception vs reality [Peridot Capitalist]

US unemployment hits lowest level since 2001 [CNN Money]

US home prices rising 2 times faster than wages [KSL]

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