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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Warren Buffett Interview on CNBC

Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett appeared on CNBC today for an interview.  In it, he talked about the economy, hurricane Harvey's effect on insurers, and more.

On Hurricane Harvey: While he says there will be a lot of insured loss from the hurricane, he notes there will also be a lot of uninsured loss.  "The problem with flood insurance is the only people that buy it are the people that are gonna need it."

On North Korea, Buffett said "I've been concerned since 1945, this is the ultimate problem."

Buffett was asked if the economy feels like a 3% GDP economy and he said no.  He said it's been about 2% a year since 2009 and he guesses that's where we are now.

During the interview, Buffett also mentioned that he has not sold a share of Apple (AAPL), one of his most recent large investments.

He said he was more certain of AAPL's future than he was of IBM (IBM), which he also owns.  Buffett has been selling down his IBM stake, which we highlighted in the new issue of our newsletter.

Buffett also said that he wasn't concerned about Wells Fargo (WFC) as a long-term investment and called it a 'terrific' bank that did some things wrong that were being corrected.  This, of course, comes after the bank has faced numerous scandals involving customer accounts.

Regarding his large stake in Kraft Heinz (KHC), Buffett shot down the notion that the company would buy Mondelez (MDLZ).

Also, it was recently revealed that Berkshire has converted its Bank of America (BAC) warrants into 700 million shares of common stock.  They originally purchased the warrants back in 2011 when Buffett invested $5 billion via preferred shares.

The warrants converted at $7.14 each and shares now trade above $23.  This makes Berkshire the biggest shareholder of BAC.  Buffett said he likes the business, likes the valuation and likes management.

Video 1 on Hurricane Harvey / Insurance business

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Video 3 on economy/GDP

Video 4 on Bank of America (BAC) & Wells Fargo (WFC)

Video 5 on the President

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