Hedge Fund Links ~ 9/22/17 ~ market folly

Friday, September 22, 2017

Hedge Fund Links ~ 9/22/17

Klarman's Baupost Group plans to return some investor money [Bloomberg]

Hugh Hendry closes hedge fund after 15 years [Bloomberg]

Conatus Capital to shut down [Bloomberg]

Bridgewater to launch fund in China [WSJ]

Hedge funds bet on bright future for metals [Reuters]

The man running California's lean, mean endowment machine [Bloomberg]

In private equity, illiquidity is a feature not a bug [Abnormal Returns]

Private assets are the new hedge funds [Bloomberg]

The next quant meltdown [ii alpha]

Wealthy families are cooling on hedge funds except in one area [Quartz]

How hedge funds are handling a possible disaster [Bloomberg]

False peace for markets? Trader is betting millions on it [NYTimes]

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