Hedge Fund Links ~ 10/13/17 ~ market folly

Friday, October 13, 2017

Hedge Fund Links ~ 10/13/17

Hedge funds ain't dead yet [WSJ]

Hedge funds dabbling in more obscure markets [WSJ]

Mark Yusko wanted to do round 2 of Buffett vs hedge funds bet [CNBC]

Warren Buffett decides not to do second wager against hedge funds [CNBC]

Nope, hedge funds are still in the dumper [Bloomberg]

Baupost one of the larger holders of Puerto Rican debt [The Intercept]

Man Group letting computers trade all on their own [CNBC]

Down $240 million on his 7-year short, a China bear gives in [Bloomberg]

Sun co-founder gets secretive hedge fund to make huge chip bet [Bloomberg]

Man starting world's biggest crypto fund calls bitcoin a bubble [Bloomberg]

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