What We're Reading ~ 11/16/17 ~ market folly

Thursday, November 16, 2017

What We're Reading ~ 11/16/17

15 questions to ask management teams [Clear Eyes Investing]

Jim Chanos betting against dialysis companies [Reuters]

A handful of value managers hoard cash as stocks surge [Bloomberg]

How the right decisions and compounding can lead to huge results [Of Dollars and Data]

The nature of underperformance and why it pays to wait [Of Dollars and Data]

CenturyLink / Level 3 merger: 1+1 = 1/2 ? [Peridot Capitalist]

America's 'retail apocalypse' is really just beginning [Bloomberg]

Withdrawal symptoms: cash is still king in India [SCMP]

How India is moving toward a digital-first economy [HBR]

Byron Wien measures China's tech success [Barrons]

In-depth interview with Shake Shack's Danny Meyer [CBS]

America's coffee market is getting too crowded [WSJ]

Who is investing in e-sports startups? [VentureBeat]

A look at Entercom: CBS Radio Reverse Morris Trust [Clark Street Value]

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