What We're Reading ~ 2/7/18 ~ market folly

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What We're Reading ~ 2/7/18

George Soros remarks at the World Economic Forum [George Soros]

It's hard to predict how you'll respond to risk [Collaborative Fund]

How delivery apps may put your favorite restaurant out of business [New Yorker]

Older piece but interesting: Disney as a service [Redef]

QVC plans to survive Amazon and escape the cable TV death spiral [Bloomberg]

Why one firm passed on investing in Ecolab [Intrinsic Investing]

A new mental model for investing [MicroCapClub]

Germany is still obsessed with cash [Bloomberg]

Why Rimowa rules the luggage carousel [FT]

Investing in UK retailers: bargains or basket cases? [FT]

The new robot revolution in manufacturing [WSJ]

Ikea's success can't be attributed to one charismatic leader [HBR]

The American sedan is dying, long live the SUV [Bloomberg]

Like great coffee, good ideas take time to percolate [FT]

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