What We're Reading ~ 3/14/18 ~ market folly

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What We're Reading ~ 3/14/18

On buybacks and the instant gratification of financial engineering [Frank Martin]

Michael Mauboussin on the future of active management [Sumzero]

Google's Larry Page: flying taxis, now exiting stealth mode [NYTimes]

Amazon strategy teardown [CB Insights]

Netflix's secrets to success [Variety]

18 cognitive bias examples visualized [Visual Capitalist]

Crowdsourcing: what 5 stocks would you hold for 10 years? [Scuttlebutt Investor]

Which advertising channels have the highest conversion rates? [Priceonomics]

Business schools rethink MBA strategy as market demand shifts [FT]

On shifting institutional investors from benchmark-based to goal-based [Institutional Investor]

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