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Monday, June 18, 2018

Julian Robertson Interview: FANG Stocks Not Frothy At All

Tiger Management founder Julian Robertson was recently interviewed by CNBC.  Here's a summary and the full video below:

- When asked about Paul Tudor Jones' recent comments about stocks heading higher into year-end, Robertson said that, "I think there's a very good chance of that happening (in the next year) and I'm positioned accordingly."

-  He thinks it's possible that interest rates go up so high so fast that the Fed would have to ease up a bit.  But doesn't think rates will go 'wildly' up

- Says the President has done a reasonably good job, but could do with a dose of humility

- Tax cuts have helped corporate earnings but also the earnings of the middle class tremendously

- Feels a slowdown is at least 6 months and 'hopefully' 2 years away

- Tech stocks: he doesn't think FANG stocks are frothy at all, especially relative to the rest of the market. This is one area where he feels he differs in opinion from a lot of market participants.  Adds Microsoft (MSFT) to that bunch as these stocks have growth rates similar to their multiples

-  He likes the management at many of these companies, Facebook etc

-  Air Canada at 3x next year's cashflow is not an expensive stock and is 'beautifully run'.  Also likes Ryanair in Europe.  Doesn't really have any airline favorites in the US right now

-  Loves the banks, thinks they're very reasonably priced in relation to earnings.  Huge cashflow yields next year and thereafter.  Thinks they're in terrific shape, likes JPMorgan (JPM) and Bank of America (BAC)

-  Would tell grandchildren to own FB, BAC, JPM, probably Citigroup (C), which is 'reasonably priced'

Embedded below is the video of Julian Robertson's CNBC interview:


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