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Monday, October 29, 2018

Notes From Capitalize For Kids Investment Conference 2018

The 2018 Capitalize For Kids investment conference recently took place and featured top investment managers sharing their latest investment ideas to benefit childrens' mental health.  To date, they've raised over $5 million for their beneficiaries.  Click each link below to go to that speaker's presentation.

Notes From Capitalize For Kids Conference 2018

- Bob Prince (Bridgewater Associates): Outlook and investment strategy

- Ed Garden (Trian Fund Management): Long PPG Industries

- Jeff Ubben (ValueAct Capital): Long Hawaiian Electric (HE)

- Jeff Smith (Starboard Value): Long Marvell Technology Group (MRVL)

- Ulrike Hoffmann-Burchardi (Tudor Investment Corp):  Long MongoDB (MDB)

- Alex Roepers (Atlantic Investment Management): 3 Long Ideas

- Francis Cueto (Asturias Capital): Short Belden

- Brad Dunkley (Waratah Advisors): Long Premium Brands

- Jennifer Foster (Chilton Investment): Long Hasbro (HAS)

- Zachary George (FrontFour Capital): Long Marriott Vacations (VAC)

- Evan Hornbuckle (Wellington Management): Long Under Armour (UA)

- Maria Jelescu (Ardinall Investment Management): Long Tellurian

- Ryan Marr (Waypoint Investment Partners): Long Chorus Aviation

- Mark McKenna (BlackRock): Long Cigna (CI)

- Kim Shannon (Sionna Investment Managers): Long CI Financial

- Colin Stewart (JC Clark): Long Information Services Corp 

- Andrew Iu (Burgundy Asset Management): Long Hostelworld 

- Ted Goldthorpe (BC Partners) & John Zito (Apollo Global Management): Credit Panel

For more recent investment conference coverage, be sure to also check out notes from Invest For Kids Chicago, as well as a summary of Great Investors' Best Ideas Dallas.

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