Hedge Fund Links ~ 10/12/18 ~ market folly

Friday, October 12, 2018

Hedge Fund Links ~ 10/12/18

Hedge fund Highfields Capital to shut down [Reuters]

Another shutdown: Tourbillon Capital [Bloomberg]

Recent thoughts from Stan Druckenmiller [Business Insider]

Profile of Elliott Management's Paul Singer [New Yorker]

Profile of Jim Chanos [Institutional Investor]

Profile of Joseph Edelman: The 41% man [Institutional Investor]

Study finds funds in the business of breaking up deals see payday [CNBC]

At hedge funds, where are the women? [WSJ]

The incredible shrinking hedge fund [Bloomberg]

When not to invest in a hedge fund [Institutional Investor]

A fund manager's fancy car might be a red flag [Barrons]

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