What We're Reading ~ 10/3/2018 ~ market folly

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What We're Reading ~ 10/3/2018

The decision matrix: how to prioritize what matters [Farnam Street]

Sustainable sources of competitive advantage [Collaborative Fund]

Deep dive on wireless future: 5G [Axios]

How Shopify is the platform powering the direct-to-consumer revolution [Digiday]

Why Google Fiber is high-speed internet's most successful failure [HBR]

Pulling back the curtain on how SoftBank's massive Vision Fund works [TechCrunch]

A pitch on Yelp [Barrons]

Inside the world's fastest growing food delivery service [Eater]

Food delivery apps are impacting your favorite restaurants [Democrat & Chronicle]

How seltzer/sparkling water is upending coffee and beer [WSJ]

App-only banks rise in Europe and aim at traditional banks [NYTimes]

For some platforms, network effects are no match for local know-how [HBR]

David Rubenstein interviews Amazon's Jeff Bezos [YouTube]

How TripAdvisor changed travel [The Guardian]

The $29 billion battle to own how America sleeps [Fast Company]

How Paytm clinched its Berkshire Hathaway investment [Economic Times]

'Peak car' and the end of an industry [Bloomberg]

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