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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Christopher Hansen Long Zillow: Sohn New York Conference

We're posting up notes from the Sohn New York Investment Conference.  Next up is Christopher R. Hansen of Valiant Capital Management who presented long Zillow (ZG).

Chris Hansen's Sohn New York Presentation

Long Zillow
•    $7 billion market cap, $6 billion EV
•    70% market share
•    Currently sells leads. Potential to move to taking part of the commission
•    $1.2 billion in revenue. $350 million in EBITDA
•    Huge potential in flipping homes. Has all the data. Has all the traffic of people looking to buy homes. Some people willing to sell for a little less in order to get cash quick and not deal with selling their house
•    Will get into mortgage origination business. 50% to 75% attach rates
•    Will get fees on this flip. Don’t even need to make money on the actual flip. Will turn over inventory 6 times (30 to 90 day holds) a year which will make it a good margin business

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