What We're Reading ~ 9/4/19 ~ market folly

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

What We're Reading ~ 9/4/19

Certain to Win: The strategy of John Boyd, applied to business [Chet Richards]

The commoditization of information [Geoff Yamane]

Position sizing: why conviction matters [Intrinsic Investing]

The problem with believing what we're told [WSJ]

How a Canadian firm has taken on Wall Street's private equity titans [Economist]

Research on the financial performance of collectibles [Alpha Architect]

Peloton is a phenomenon: can it last? [NYTimes]

A skeptical look at Peloton churn [Inquisitive Investor]

Peloton bikes are the real deal [The Margins]

How Amazon's shipping empire is challenging UPS & FedEx [WSJ]

Amazon's next-day delivery has brought chaos and carnage to streets [BuzzfeedNews]

The man behind the biggest beauty brands in the world [Coveteur]

Aston Martin tried to replicate Ferrari's IPO success but shares are down 75% [Fortune]

On the importance of broadcasting income to European football clubs [Swiss Ramble]

5 lessons from Microsoft's antitrust woes by people who lived it [NYTimes]

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