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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 - Check it out

Hey everyone, just wanted to take a minute to point out TraderMark's site: Many of you reading now undoubtedly came here through Mark's site, so you already know what he's up to over there. If you're unfamiliar with his site, he's on a quest to start his own mutual fund and has been cranking out pledges from readers, with this past month being his highest month ever in terms of pledges. This past month, he raised $901k and that brings his total pledges up to $2.5 million. He runs a virtual fund right now via marketocracy and has a solid track record based on his macro investment platform. If you're familiar with mutual fund managers, then think Ken Heebner (CGM Funds) with just a slight twist. He's very transparent, outlining his thought process and investment rationale through the blog. His investment style is very similar to mine and that's how I found him in the first place. Macro investors ftw!

At any rate, just wanted to give him a mention as he's doing a great job and deserves to be running a fund for his track record and the amount of time/hard work he puts into his passion of investing (all while maintaining a normal job as well!). You can pledge by dropping him an e-mail on his page or by posting a comment on one of his posts. If you're not interested in pledging, at least stop by to check out his economic commentary and market thoughts (well worth the read).

You can find his most recent reader pledge update here.


Mark said...

Thanks for the link.

I'm in! He sounds brilliant. Or whatever is higher than brilliant. Did I mention handsome? And strong?

All of those. X 2.

market folly said...

alpha male? haha nice