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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Possible Snag for Wind & Solar Plays

Taken directly from tradethenews.com,

6/17/2008 02:50pm
US Senate vote blocks extending wind and solar energy tax breaks

- in a 52-44 procedural vote that blocked closure of debate on the bill, Republicans blocked the tax break extension for the second time this week. 60 votes are needed to end debate and move it toward a formal up or down vote."

Will be interesting to see how this plays out and how it might affect Wind & especially Solar stocks. Can they really survive without tax breaks and subsidies?


Mark said...

Here is another view on the subject


market folly said...

hahaha did you seriously just rickroll me?!?!

Mark said...

you and bluedog in 1 fell swoop


and no I wont open any hyperlinks from you, ever. :)

Mike Masland said...

Where did you gentlemen hear about rickrolling? I thought I was the only ex-wow junkie around ;)

Mark said...

what is "wow"

rickrolling is what all the kids are doing!!

its even on wikipedia! lol

market folly said...

ya i had just heard about it/seen it round the internet.

Mark said...

Do you plan to do a write up on Cohen at SAC Capital? Or are you done with your hedge fund write ups


market folly said...

nah I'm not done yet I've just been pretty busy and those things take forever to sort through, comparing positions line by line and then calculating the change. just tedious nonsense haha

I keep tabs on SAC so yes, but it won't be as detailed as other funds. the more value oriented funds i track have fewer positions (30 or so) so you can really see what they're doing. SAC and Renaissance and D.E. Shaw and some of those other good funds have TONS of positions. it would take forever to sort through all their positions. would be worth while to obviously sort through their big positions. but, the main thing is that those funds have ridiculous turnover. not to mention, the 13f's are slightly a lagging indicator to begin with. so, you might not be gaining as much insight as you would with some of the others i've covered, who place concentrated bets in sectors.

market folly said...

for instance 13f filings for the funds i've covered are 2-3 pages long just line by line filled with positions. (anywhere from 20-50 positions)

SAC's filing is 27 pages... hundreds of positions easily (if i had to guess, > 500). that one you'd really have to sit down for a very long while and crunch it out. they're very active traders.

the better thing to track with SAC is their 13d's. those track when they take greater than a 5% stake in a company. so, i'll probably just round those up then look at the biggest position on their 13fs.