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Friday, September 26, 2008

Peter Thiel's Clarium Capital Shifts to Equities

Recently, we got word of what Clarium Capital is doing to navigate the rough waters. Clarium is a $6 billion global macro hedge fund run by Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal. Assets under management had recently ballooned to the highest amount in Clarium's history and I noted that it would be interesting to see how effective Clarium would be at deploying this new capital. And, with his most recent investor letter, we see that he actually was adding to his leverage, rather than decreasing it. In the week prior to September 19th, he was borrowing 40 cents for every dollar. This past week though, he was borrowing $1.40 for every dollar. Although Thiel undoubtedly changes his leverage on a daily/weekly basis, it is still worth pointing out, given the massive deleveraging we've seen over the past months and most likely will see in the coming months.

As I wrote about in my August performance update of Clarium, we had heard Thiel was shifting out of commodities. And, it looks as though that is exactly what he has done. We now see that he actually has short positions in commodities, to the tune of about 14% of assets. Also, in my analysis of Clarium's portfolio holdings, I noted that he only had a very small percentage of assets invested in equities at the time. But, this time around, he's beefed up his equity positions. Around 71% of his assets are now in equities. And, it looks as if he has been incrementally adding to equities, as he had invested 36% of assets in equities just the week prior. And, year-to-date, he is still up 27.8%. If you want a little more background on Thiel & his investment style, I first wrote about him here.

Also worth noting, according to Morningstar, hedge funds in general saw nearly $12 billion of outflows in July. And, given the recent market activity/volatility, you'd expect that number to have increased in August and/or September.

Source: Bloomberg

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