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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Zecco.com Offers Free Trades All of October!

Well, looks like Zecco.com continues to expand their reputation as the brokerage that offers free trades. Their latest promotion is free trades (both equity and options) for the entire month of October. Yep, that's right. Trade all you want for free in any account type. I'm a long time user of Zecco, and have to say I'm quite impressed with this. Traders can save a bunch of money on commissions with this promotion.

Here's the message from the CEO regarding the promotion,

"To show our appreciation for your loyalty, we have decided to make October a 100% unlimited free trading month. This means that between October 1st and October 31st you can make unlimited equity and options trades commission-free. As far as I know, this has never been done in the history of the brokerage industry, until now. But then again, we are seeing things in the market we never would have believed, until now."

And yes, for those of you without an account, this applies to new accounts as well. Taken from their FAQ,

"If I open a new account, can it get free trades too?

Yes, once your new account is funded, it will receive unlimited stock and options no-commission trades in the month of October."

So, sign up for an account now to get free trades. And, to those of you wondering what happens after the October promotion is over? Well, you still get 10 free trades a month thereafter, as long as you've got $2500 in your account. And, after you've used up your 10 free trades, its only $4.50 per trade after that, which is easily still one of the cheapest rates in the business. Zecco is really pushing hard to be the lowest-cost brokerage in the industry. It's tough to beat 10 free trades per month, not to mention free trades (equity and options) for ALL of October. I'm impressed.

Go get yourself 100% free trades for all of October, and then 10 free trades a month thereafter!

Full Disclosure: Zecco.com is an advertiser on this site, but they did not pay for this post. I am already a Zecco user and am making this post voluntarily to let readers know of this damn good deal.

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