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Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Financial Freebies & Deals

Since we're going into the weekend, just thought I'd post up various freebies and deals I've come across over the past week or two that are finance/market related. Economy sucks right now, so some of these should be beneficial.

  • Free Quicken Online - yep, entirely free. (They used to charge $35/yr). Worth checking out for all you savvy personal finance people out there. I wrote about this deal a week or two ago and just wanted to make sure everyone took advantage of it, I know I did.
  • Free Stock Trades - If you want 10 free trades a month, even for retirement accounts, then check out Zecco. Its great for building core positions over the long-term. If you think about it, 10 trades a month at other brokers would normally cost you $40-70 per month in commissions, so you just saved that money. They recently had no commissions for the entire month of October, which I wrote about here.
  • Get $100 bonus at ForexClub. Those of you who trade forex or are interested in getting into it, this is a pretty good deal. Just deposit $100 or more into a FXClub account and they give you $100; easy stuff.

Lastly, a few readers have been emailing me wondering what I've been doing with short-term cash in this environment. The crazy market volatility means I've reduced position sizes in the market and have much more cash on hand than I normally would. I've just parked some of that cash safely into FDIC insured online savings accounts. The yields aren't what they used to be (thank you Ben Bernanke), but you can still get some decent rates to park your cash safely in this environment and earn some interest. I've got accounts at both of these places:

  • Earn 2.75% APY with ING Direct Online Savings Account. These guys have been around the online savings game for a long time. I've had an account with them forever it seems. Easy interface, no fees, no minimums, and FDIC insurance at ING Direct.
  • 3.00% APY with HSBC Direct Online Savings. This is the other online savings account I've got. Slightly higher rate, but I personally like ING's setup a little bit better. The interest difference between the two doesn't add up to a whole lot anyways. But, HSBC Direct is definitely worth a look as they have no fees, no minimums, and FDIC insurance as well.

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