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Friday, January 23, 2009

$25 Bonus: ING Direct Savings

Sorry to stray off market topics for a post, but a friend just told me about this and I wanted to pass it along. If you are a new client at ING Direct and you are referred by an existing client (me), you can get a $25 bonus for opening an online savings account earning 2.4% interest. So, I figured I would offer my bonus links to my readers.

All you have to do is open with at least $250, and you'll get the $25 bonus deposited into your account. No fees, no catch, no crazy fine print. That's a 10% return in a matter of minutes. And, you can just withdraw it all after 30 days if you want.

The following links are for the $25 bonus. You have to use one of the links below and sign-up with $250 in order to get the bonus. Please note that if you see this message...

...then the particular link you clicked has been used by someone else and you should try a different link.

There are only 20 bonus links. After the links are used, they are gone for good.


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  2. Used
  3. $25 Bonus
  4. $25 Bonus
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  6. Used
  7. $25 Bonus
  8. Used
  9. $25 Bonus
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And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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