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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tudor Investment Corp (Paul Tudor Jones) Files 13D's

Paul Tudor Jones' hedge fund Tudor Investment Corp has filed 2 separate amended 13D's with the SEC. Firstly, Tudor has disclosed a 19.4% ownership stake in Uni-Pixel (UNXL). This stake is derived from their ownership of 769,974 Series B Convertible Preferred Stock (which are convertible into 3,849,870 common stock shares), as well as 1,645,647 warrants to purchase common stock. They currently own 5,495,517 shares. The filing was made due to activity on December 31st, 2008. You can view the rest of Tudor's portfolio holdings here.

Secondly, Tudor also disclosed a 12.9% ownership stake in Incentra Solutions (ICNS). They currrently own 3,320,203 shares of common stock and 903,994 shares of Series A Preferred Stock that, if converted, would give them 2,711,982 additional shares of common stock.

About Tudor: Taken from Wikipedia, the bio of PTJ is as follows, "In 1980 he founded Tudor Investment Corporation which is today a leading asset management firm headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. The Tudor Group, which consists of Tudor Investment Corporation and its affiliates, is involved in active trading, investing and research in the global equity, venture capital, debt, currency and commodity markets. One of Jones' earliest and major successes was predicting Black Monday in 1987, tripling his money during the event due to large short positions. Jones uses a global macro strategy when trading in some of his funds. This strategy can be seen in the 1987 PBS film "TRADER: The Documentary". The film shows Mr. Jones as a young man predicting the 1987 crash. Jones' firm currently manages$17.7 billion (as of June 1, 2007). Their investment capabilities are broad and diverse, including global macro trading, fundamental equity investing in the U.S. and Europe, emerging markets, venture capital, commodities, event driven strategies and technical trading systems." So, as you can see, PTJ is quite an accomplished gentleman, earning him the title of the macro trader. If you want to hear some insightful thoughts from Paul Tudor Jones himself, head over to our post on Hedge Fund manager interviews or our post on quotes from PTJ. Tudor's 13F filing disclosing their portfolio positions can be found here.

Taken from Google Finance,

Incentra Solutions is "a provider of information technology (IT) services and solutions to enterprises and managed service providers in North America and Europe. Solutions offered by the Company include hardware and software products, maintenance contracts, professional services, recurring managed services and capital financing solutions."

Taken from their company website,

UniPixel "intends to become the core developer and licensor of the highest performance and most efficient display panel technologies in the industry. These display panel technologies will enhance the application devices to which they are incorporated delivering superior results to the end users of the devices."

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