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Friday, January 30, 2009

What We're Reading (1/30/09)

Mark Cuban's advice for investing in start-up companies (All Things Digital)

Steven Cohen's (SAC Capital) shrink is in high demand (Portfolio)

Hedge fund back to basics (Alpha)

Hyperinflation survival guide (Value Plays)

Hedge funds help fund Obama inauguration (FinAlternatives)

Video: Ascent of Money (via Paul Kedrosky)

Jeff Rubin on Reflation/Deflation (.pdf via CIBC)

The life of a daytrader (NY Mag)

Peter Schiff was wrong (Mish) / Peter Schiff responds to critics

Is this the end of Warren Buffett? (Doug Kass, TheStreet.com)

Bid on a dinner with T. Boone Pickens (DallasMorningNews)

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