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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CHP Designation - Certified Hedge Fund Professional

We recently sat down with Richard Wilson to interview him about the CHP Designation - Certified Hedge Fund Professional. The CHP is a designation similar to the CFA and CAIA, but specifically geared towards hedge funds. We are also pleased to announce a MarketFolly exclusive $50 discount off of registration (more details on that below). Since many of our readers are in the industry or desire to be in the industry, we figured this could be very useful. We asked him a ton of questions about the program and he gave us a great overview which we'll deliver in two parts: Part 1 today and then Part 2 on Friday. (Note: sign-up fast, because spots are very limited). Let's get right to it:

1. Tell us a little about the CHP: What is it? How did it get started? What's your affiliation with it?

The CHP Designation is an online certification program on the topic of hedge funds. It got started through a combination of factors which included our team's realization that every other designation out there was built for analysts or risk managers and at the same time our team had received over 1,000 emails asking us about how one could learn more about hedge funds or earn a degree relevant to hedge funds. We connected all of the dots and launched the program in June of 2008 with an advisory board of 10 professionals and a team of 3. Today we have a team of 6 professionals and an advisory board of over 60 hedge fund and fund of hedge fund professionals. I founded the Hedge Fund Group (HFG), a 17,000 person networking association which sponsors the CHP Designation program.

2. What's the one reason people should apply for the CHP designation?

Efficiency would be the one common reason. Whether you are starting a hedge fund, completing due diligence on hedge funds for a wealth manager, marketing a fund of hedge fund or hoping to eventually work for a hedge fund you will be more effective if you are up to speed on industry terminology, trends, norms, history, and popular hedge fund investment strategies. This specialized knowledge can be gained through our program and help professionals of all types.

3. Why should people choose the CHP over (or in addition to) the CFA or CAIA?

The CFA and CAIA are great programs but they are by their nature focused on minting new analysts and providing specific training on conducting types of analysis. The CHP Designation program is more conceptual and well rounded and built for traders, analysts, portfolio managers, accountants, lawyers, marketers and others who work with hedge funds such as wealth management professionals.

4. (Also) What are the main differences between the CHP and those other designations? How does the degree of difficulty for obtaining a CHP compare to those others in terms of rigor and thoroughness?

The main difference between the CHP and the other designations, besides the non-analyst centric foundation is that the program is offered 100% online. The registration, studying, and exam is complete over the internet; there are no testing centers or specific geographical requirements to completing the program. The CHP Designation is more thorough in covering the hedge fund industry as a whole but less thorough in covering the specific analytics involved in the analysis of securities, real estate, or commodities.

5. I see there are currently 2 levels of certification. Are there plans for a third? And along those lines, do you expect the program to evolve along with the hedge fund industry and how so?

Level 1 provides a foundation of hedge fund knowledge while Level 2 allows professionals to choose a specific area of specialization within the program. There are no plans for a third level to the designation. We initially attempted to keep the designation to one level to keep the program simple but found two levels were needed to really customize the program for each participant. We do expect the program to evolve along with the hedge fund industry. Between our team and board of advisors consisting of 60 industry professionals, we are constantly keeping a pulse on industry changes and long-term trends which will affect the entire industry in the next few years.

6. Who do you anticipate the most applicants to be? Hedge Fund analysts or whom?

Most participants work within the hedge fund industry or work with hedge fund professionals from time to time. Specifically, the most popular groups have included hedge fund managers, due diligence professionals, wealth management experts, graduate students, and consultants/service providers.


Thanks to Richard for taking the time to sit down and answer our questions. It sounds like the CHP is ideal for anyone looking to further advance their career, build their resume/CV, or develop their knowledge of the industry. (Note: sign-up fast, because spots are very limited). Also, a special thanks to him for helping arrange the exclusive MarketFolly $50 discount. Also check out Part 2 of the interview, which is now published. Please note: The only way to be able to receive the MarketFolly $50 discount is by using the form below.

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