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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dennis Gartman Says Gold Becoming World's Second Reserve Currency

In his most recent Bloomberg interview, trader, economist, and author of the Gartman Letter, Dennis Gartman has claimed that Gold is becoming the world's second reserve currency behind that of only the US Dollar. He cites that all major currencies are so weak and so people are moving away from paper money and into gold. And, with gold hovering around $1000, things could get interesting. Dennis says the 'trend is up and will likely continue to be up.' Basically, he likes to buy dips here and ride the trend. He had talked gold in a previous interview as well.

He currently says to sell the yen due to the stifled economy and weakness of their administration. There are simply too many problems in Japan and the charts point to that in the Yen. He also likes to watch the EUR/JPY cross as an indicator of markets. When that currency pair has headed south over the past year, the markets trend the same way.

If you're unfamiliar with Gartman, then we suggest you check out his rules of trading so you can get an idea as to his style. We've also covered Gartman's thoughts on the Baltic Dry Index.

Here's the full video interview at Bloomberg.

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