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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes By Brian Shannon

In our recent post, Recommended Reading List: Technical Analysis Edition, we omitted one book from the list because it deserves its own post:

Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes by Brian Shannon: This is one of the best books on charts and trading out there. It comes from the highly successful trader and well known blogger Brian Shannon of Highly recommended. The description: "The trend is your friend, but which one? Opposing trends can be found on various timeframes in the same stock, at the same time creating confusion and worse, unnecessary losses. Understanding market structure and trend alignment allows you to put emotions aside and focus on the right stocks at the right time. Techniques covered in this book are appropriate for anyone (from daytraders to investors) who is looking to improve accuracy in their buying and selling."

Check out his book and read the reviews from other readers. This one goes to the top on our list of good technical analysis reads because its for both investors and traders... anyone looking to add technical analysis to their arsenal of tools.

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