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Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness College Basketball Bracket Pool

Sorry for the offtopic post, but we here at MarketFolly are huge college basketball fans (Rock Chalk Jayhawk). I know it's last minute, but we just wanted to point out that some of us in the financial blogging/twitter community have all joined a March Madness CBS bracket pool (no entry fee). Abnormal Returns and Daily Options Report have teamed up to present you the: Abnormal Options Bracket Challenge. All the details you need are in that post, so definitely check it out. Hurry because the tournament starts this morning around lunch time!

Also, some other resources for those of you statistical in nature:

Pomeroy's 2009 rankings

Jeff Sagarin ratings

How to act like a hedge fund manager in your bracket pool

Let us know in the comments who you've picked to win it all. We'll be cheering for our Jayhawks even though there's no way they will win it back-to-back. We're taking either Memphis or Louisville to win it all in some of our brackets. This is one of the most wide open fields we've seen in a while, as we could easily see Pitt, UNC, UConn, Duke, Louisville, or Memphis winning it all. Tough to pick just one winner! Best of luck to everyone who participates!

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