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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goldman Sachs: Manipulation Kings of the Market?

*Update: Unfortunately, the document has been removed. However, a reader has pointed us to this link which has the full text of the article if you're interested.

Interesting read by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone regarding the postulation that Goldman Sachs has been behind every major market manipulation to date. Don't take the fact that it's from Rolling Stone too lightly either. It confused us as well at first, but after reading the piece and going back and reading some of Taibbi's other work, it made more sense as to why our friends over at Zero Hedge posted it up initially. Here is the slide-deck of the article which RSS/Email readers will need to come to the blog to view. Let us know if you're having problems printing the document from Scribd with margin errors, as we can recommend a fix.

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