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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paul Tudor Jones 1987 PBS Film 'Trader: The Documentary'

*Update: The link to the third party site hosting the video has been removed at the request of the copyright holder.

The 1987 PBS Film on Paul Tudor Jones entitled 'Trader: The Documentary'. This video has been extremely hard to find and those possessing a precious copy guard it with their life and/or sell it on eBay for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

This is hedge fund manager & legend Paul Tudor Jones in his element. He is notorious for predicting and profiting from the stock market crash in 1987. The video takes you inside Tudor Investment Corp back when they were only 22 employees large and managing around $130 million. Today, obviously, they are much, much bigger. We cover Tudor Investment Corp here on the blog because of Tudor's excellent track record and legendary status. We've covered Tudor's recent equity portfolio, as well as good quotes from Paul Tudor Jones in the past. Lastly, we also posted up his hedge fund manager interview. This documentary is insider footage of what things were like at Tudor's firm during the build-up to some of the most interesting times in the stock market's history. Enjoy the videos!

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