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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Technical Analysis Videos: How to Find Trades & AAPL Versus RIMM

Educational/Resource Videos

We occasionally like to focus on technical analysis to give some added flavor to the blog and to feed the trader inside many of our readers. At the same time, we realize that not everyone is familiar with technical analysis and charts or trade setups. As such, we wanted to direct those of you interested to a video on how to find trade setups. We like to highlight educational content like this as it helps build a base for us to discuss certain topics going forwards. So check out the video for finding trades if its something you've been struggling with or are curious about. Also, we've previously posted an educational video about Fibonacci retracements for those of you interested in that topic.

Technical Analysis / Trade Videos

And, of course, what kind of post would this be without some technical analysis of actual stocks for those of you already in the know. Recently, the guys at MarketClub took a look at Research in Motion and Apple. As such, the video for RIMM vs AAPL was born. Check it out for some nice technical analysis.

For more great resources on the subject, check out our technical analysis recommended reading list.

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