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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Market Folly Custom Portfolio Performance: July 2009

As promised, we'll now be giving monthly performance updates from our Market Folly custom portfolio created with Alphaclone. For a background on our hedge fund replicator portfolio, check out the introduction to our portfolio: Part 1 & Part2. Simply put, we've cloned a portfolio based on hedge fund holdings and the performance has exceeded our expectations over the long-term. Let's get right to it:

July 2009 Performance

MF clone: +1.6%
S&P500: +7.6%

Obviously, the 50% hedge our portfolio employs has hurt us this year. Our clone is up 10.5% year to date versus S&P being up 12.6%. However, we will be quick to point out that our hedge fund portfolio is now seeing huge annualized returns with an Alpha > 15 and a Sharpe Ratio approaching 1.0. Since inception, our hedge fund portfolio has seen an over 500% total return compared to an abysmal return for the market in general. Admittedly though, the main drawback about our clone is that it is more volatile than the S&P 500. However, if you ride it through and simply rebalance 4 times a year, the returns are phenomenal. And, we created this portfolio with the sole goal of outperforming over the long-term.

Since this is our first in-depth post purely on performance, we also want to play catch up a little bit and post up the previous monthly performances thus far for 2009. Here is our breakdown:

January: MF clone +5.9% / S&P -8.4%
February: MF clone +1.2% / S&P -10.6%
March: MF clone +1.3% / S&P +8.8%
April: MF clone +2.4% / S&P +9.6%
May: MF clone +1.2% / S&P +5.6%
June: MF clone +-3.1% / S&P +0.1%
July: MF clone +1.6% / S&P +7.6%

Back in June, we posted up a portfolio update and noted that Alphaclone has included our MF portfolio on their list of available clones. As such, anyone using the cloning service can check out our portfolio. To see what positions our Market Folly clone holds, head over to Alphaclone. Be sure to check out their 14 day free trial to the full membership package where you can clone unlimited hedge fund portfolios & groups.

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