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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sprott Asset Management Market Update: July 2009

Thanks as always to a reader in Toronto for the latest from the Sprott Asset Management camp. Their hedge fund was -7.89% for the month of July and they are now -9.32% for the year. The past 2 months have not been their best and have swung them back to negative for the year. However, we should also quickly point out the long-term track record of Sprott. They are seeing a compound rate of return of 21.37% annualized and a cumulative return of 442.63% since inception. For whatever reason, everyone is so focused on near-term performance these days. "A bad 2 months in a row? Oh, we're pulling our money out." We here at Market Folly are trying to shift the focus back towards outperformance over the long-term. While it is obviously prudent to monitor your investments in the near-term, a long-term focus can generate some serious Alpha and some solid returns.

Included below is the performance breakdown of Sprott's hedge funds, including their LP, LP II, Bull/Bear RSP Fund, Opportunities Fund, Opportunities RSP Fund, and Small Cap Fund. RSS & Email readers will need to come to the blog to view the embedded documents. (Or you can try downloading the .pdf here however long the link lasts).

Sprott-7 09 Hedge Funds

Additionally, we've got the summary of performances drilled down into one convenient document:

Sprott-7 2009 Performance Summary

(Try to download the .pdf here).

We've started to cover Sprott in more detail on the blog now and just a few weeks ago featured their July Market Commentary. Additionally, we've also covered their long and short positions within their Canadian Equity Fund. We're not kidding when we say we've posted a lot of Sprott stuff up recently as we seek to play catch-up in adding them to the list of 40+ prominent hedge funds that we track.

Some other resources worth checking out are some articles featuring members of the Sprott team that are scattered about online. Here is the list below:

Stay tuned as we continue to cover Sprott Asset Management going forward.

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