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Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Trading Course From MarketClub

If we've got any readers that are traders or are looking learn more, the folks over at INO have provided us with a free trading course which is a great resource. They cover technical analysis topics like fibonacci retracements, MACD, Bollinger bands and a whole slew of others. Here's a full list of topics covered:

1. The importance of psychology in price movement
2. How to spot mega trends
3. Understanding of technical price objectives
4. How to picture price objectives
5. How to trade with moving averages
6. How to use point and figure trading techniques
7. How to use the RSI indicator
8. How to correctly use stochastics in your trading
9. How to use the ADX indicator to capture trends
10. How to capitalize on natural market cycles.

Definitely check out their free trading course here if you're looking to learn more on those topics.

Make sure to also watch their latest technical analysis video on gold where they lay out support levels to buy at and price targets for the future, as they see gold staying in an uptrend going forward.

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