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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What We're Reading - 10/28/09

Our apologies as we've been a bit behind in posting up some articles of note we've been reading. As such, we'll post up our list a few days early and in an extended form:

The 100 best blogs for future investors - MarketFolly is honored to be included on this list in the 'hedge fund' section [OnlineSchools.org]

Following the smart money in hedge fund land [World Beta]

What kind of inflation? [Humble Student of the Markets]

Great interview of value investor/blogger Greenbackd [Simoleon Sense]

Goldman Sachs on the topic of money on the sidelines [zero hedge]

Successful market timing [World Beta]

Carl Icahn should hang it up [Eric Jackson's Breakout Performance]

Hedge funds need a new fee structure [Fortune]

How Moody's sold its ratings [McClatchy]

Great new site for charting fundamentals [ycharts]

Damien Hoffman touches a Jim Cramer nerve [zero hedge]

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