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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Depth Interview With Noted Short Seller Jim Chanos

Today we've got a lot of interviews lined up and we'll kick things off with everyone's favorite short seller and hedge fund manager Jim Chanos. The Kynikos Associates fund manager recently sat down with New Deal 2.0 for a lengthy interview to talk about a wide variety of topics. This comes fresh off of Chanos' interview with CNBC which we also detailed.

Embedded below is the 12-page transcript of the interview:

Additionally, you can also download the .pdf here.

For more insight from Chanos, check out his other recent interview as well. Lastly, Chanos had previously presented some of his investment ideas at the Ira Sohn Investment Conference. Chanos graduated from Yale and is well known for his short selling prowess where he puts a large focus on identifying fundamental flaws in valuation due to underestimated or unearthed problems within a given company. After working for various firms, he went onto found Kynikos which is Greek for "cynic" and has had success with his strategy, most notably for his prowess in uncovering the issues at Enron.

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