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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Most Popular Articles On

We haven't updated our list of the most popular articles on Market Folly so we figured we should list the current favorites now that a new month is upon us. Since it's the holiday season, make sure to also check out our Holiday Wishlist: Gift Ideas For Those In Finance.

1. Warren Buffett's Recommended Reading List

2. John Paulson's Gold Fund: Betting Against the US Dollar

3. Market Wizards: Advice From 15 Top Hedge Fund Managers & Traders

4. MarketFolly's Custom Portfolio Ranked #1 On AlphaClone's Leaderboard

5. David Einhorn & Greenlight Capital's Portfolio Holdings

6. Review of Gregory Zuckerman's The Greatest Trade Ever, the Story of John Paulson's Subprime Play

7. Stephen Mandel's Hedge Fund Lone Pine Buys a Basket Full of Apple (AAPL)

8. Jim Chanos' Presentation: Ten Lessons From the Financial Crisis

9. Hedge Fund Lansdowne Partners Favors Large Caps In Developed Countries

10. The Third Quarter Edition Of Our Hedge Fund Portfolio Tracking Series


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