What We're Reading ~ 2/12/10 ~ market folly

Friday, February 12, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 2/12/10

Wall Street taking over Vegas sports betting [Reformed Broker]

The impact of the Fed's MBS purchase program [Voxeu]

The time value of money [A VC]

The Superbowl team: Online finance's best [New Rules of Investing]

Is Whitney Tilson running a 'fund of best ideas'? 2 articles: World Beta and Barbarian Capital

Interview with options guru Jon Najarian [Wall St Cheat Sheet]

Morningstar acquires footnoted, one of our long-time favorite blogs [footnoted]

2010: 8 stocks Benjamin Graham would like [Stingy Investor]

The impending bond disaster [FT Alphaville]

John Paulson's new hedge fund not finding many investors [WSJ] ~ See also our in-depth post on Paulson's gold fund.

Warren Buffett covers a dinner tab for a hedgie who shared research [Business Week] ~ now everyone is going to be sending Buffett letters!

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