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Friday, February 12, 2010

Women In Hedge Funds: Top 50

The hedge fund journal has released an intriguing and comprehensive overview of the top 50 leading women in hedge funds. In a seemingly male dominated industry, it's good to see many talented females emerging and being recognized for their talents. This is a topic we've regrettably been scarce in coverage on, save for a post on the future of hedge funds through women's eyes. So, hopefully we'll be able to talk more about the role of women in the industry as we move forward.

Some of you may already be familiar with some of the women on the list as they have already gained notoriety. For instance, Anne Dias Griffin manages hedge fund Aragon Global Management and is the wife of Citadel's Ken Griffin (definitely a talented family). Elaine Crocker is President at one of the top global macro hedge funds out there, Moore Capital Management. Also, Anne Dinning is a Managing Director at quant firm D.E. Shaw and Leda Braga of BlueCrest that helps manage over $9 billion.

One of the most familiar names is probably Karen Finerman of Metropolitan Capital Advisors given her frequent appearances on CNBC's television show Fast Money. Marcy Engel is the COO and General Counsel of Eton Park Capital Management, a fund we frequently cover here on the site. Additionally, Mina Gerowin of Paulson & Co made the list.

This compilation also highlights some of the other women who you might not know of that are making an impact in the industry. You can directly download the .pdf here and embedded below is the "50 Leading Women In Hedge Funds" document in its entirety:

For more on the topic, we've also posted up about the future of hedge funds from a woman's perspective.

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