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Friday, April 9, 2010

Jim Rogers Still Bullish on Commodities

Wait for it. Jim Rogers is... *gasp* bullish on commodities still! Now, who would have ever guessed that?! On a serious note, he still is adamant that 1999 was the start of the commodity bull market and he is bullish on the prospects. What's interesting is that he fully admits it will be a bubble at some point, but he's not worried about that right now as that's a 'way's off.' This interview comes after we saw Rogers recently start some short positions as he wagers the market is overdue for a correction.

Of course he also thinks gold is going up and he expects it to be at $2,000 at least by the end of this decade, if not higher. In the past we've posted up plenty of hedge fund research on gold, all of which we recommend checking out. He recently sat down with Bloomberg to discuss his most recent thoughts on April 7th. If you come to the site, below you'll find an embedded video of his quick interview:

So, he'll continue to ride the longer term trend that he feels is in-tact here. Rogers isn't a big believer in market timing and he'll gladly wait out the trend over the long-term. We check in on Rogers from time to time just to see what he's saying, but he appears in the media quite often, re-iterating a lot of his views anyways. Keep in mind that Rogers and George Soros previously managed the highly successful Quantum Fund and have since gone their separate ways. Head over to see Rogers' recent rationale for starting short positions as well as our coverage of George Soros' hedge fund portfolio.

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