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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 4/30/10

Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman's battle against the bond insurers: Confidence Game [Christine Richard]

Anthony Scaramucci of Skybridge Capital talks about the hedge fund industry [Pragmatic Capitalist]

The thing about selling stocks is that you have to buy something else [Reformed Broker]

Q&A with Herb Greenberg [The Kirk Report]

Moore Capital's Louis Bacon is the richest hedge fund manager in the UK [FINalternatives]

Mike Darda says the Fed is on hold for the next few quarters. What's this mean for all the hedgies with curve steepener trades on? [Pragmatic Capitalist]

Comparing Simon Property Group & General Growth Properties to mergers of past [ValuePlays]

The Kelly formula and event driven investing [Distressed Debt Investing]

Is the market being driven by technicals or fundamentals? [Big Picture]

Why you shouldn't worry about Green Mountain Coffee Roaster's patent expiration [Barbarian Capital]

Chanticleer's first quarter investor letter [MyInvestingNotebook]

Thoughts from David Winters of the Wintergreen fund [Business Week]

How Steven Cohen averaged 30% returns [Washington Post]

Fund of hedge funds: 1 & 10 and never again? [Economist]

20 signs that could mark a market top [TheStreet]

Hedge fund veteran Philippe Jabre sees value in Europe [Reuters]

From hedgie to hedges, a look at Michael Steinhardt [WSJ]

Does Prudential face a roadblock in its takeover? [BBC]

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