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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Key Level to Watch in the Stock Market

Adam over at MarketClub just recently put out his latest technical analysis video on the Dow Jones. In it, he identifies a key level to watch in the market as we've started to see a few distribution days. While he is by no means saying the market will crater from here, he is definitely cautious. Drawing a fibonacci retracement from the highs in 2008 to the lows in 2009, he starts to outline a clear area to watch out for. The Dow Jones recently traded around 11,254, right at the 61.8% retracement level, an area Adam feels the market is bound to find as resistance. Thus far, the market has failed at that level and declined to the present 11,000 region. You can hear his latest analysis in the video below:

Simply put, he feels it's time to protect some capital by reducing some long exposure as there's nothing wrong with taking some profits. Head to MarketClub's latest look at the stock market to hear his thoughts.

This technical look coincides with a few other heedful stances as we noted hedge funds were selling equities and market strategist Jeff Saut recommended caution. Not to mention, we also saw legendary investor and former manager of the Quantum Fund Jim Rogers start some short positions and we also started to see emotional reactions often found in the investor psychology cycle as the market booms from peak to trough and back again. Overall, it seems many are becoming more cautious on the stock market in the near-term and the technicals seem to agree according to Adam.

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