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Saturday, April 3, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 4/3/10

Steven Drobny's new hedge fund book: The Invisible Hands [Steven Drobny]

If you haven't read his first book, definitely check out his interviews with top hedge fund traders: Inside the House of Money [Steven Drobny]

The wisdom of short selling [NYTimes]

And on that note, many hedge funds have recommended reading The Art of Short Selling [Kathryn Staley]

Morgan Stanley thinks the rally is about to end [Pragmatic Capitalist]

Don't focus too much on the oil to natural gas ratio [Reformed Broker]

Analyzing insurance stocks: the income statement [StreetCapitalist]

The CRE time bomb [Humble Student of the Markets]

Jim Chanos is wrong on China [Eric Jackson, The Street]

We've previously posted up Chanos' thoughts on China [MarketFolly]

Why wine isn't an investment [Felix Salmon] (A long time ago we posted about a wine hedge fund.)

A sports betting hedge fund starts up [FINalternatives]

Inside the personal life of Steven Cohen [NYMag]

Americans back to the overconsumption norm [CreditWritedowns]

Ospraie's Dwight Anderson lures back commodities investors [Reuters]

And a past look at how Anderson got broadsided in 2008 [Fortune]

Is Paulson & Co now too big to succeed? [BusinessWeek]

Fannie/Freddie may fill Fed's mortgage void [Reuters]

Hedge fund manager pay roared back last year [NYTimes]

What March Madness teaches us about survivorship bias [AllAboutAlpha]

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