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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Footnoted Pro: Exclusive 15% Discount for Market Folly Readers

Today we're very proud to announce an exclusive 15% discount for Market Folly readers to's Pro service. You can receive the discount by clicking here. If you're unfamiliar with Footnoted (now part of Morningstar), Michelle Leder and her team dig through hundreds of company SEC filings each day to find the details buried within them. From aggressive accounting to excessive compensation to more serious problems, Footnoted sniffs out details that lead to actionable investment ideas.

Numerous hedge funds and investment managers subscribe to the service due to its institutional quality research. So if you manage money professionally, this is a must-read service as both BusinessWeek and Kiplinger's have given praise. Legendary investor Seth Klarman is notorious for paying attention to detail and even named his horse 'Read the Footnotes.' This will save you a ton of time and help you pinpoint actionable ideas. Footnoted Pro normally costs $10,000 for an entire year's subscription (they publish reports every week), but Market Folly readers save $1500.

Here's an example of the great work Footnoted Pro does: Back in May they highlighted uncertainty in the for-profit education space (a sector hedge funds have been all over). Many of the stocks covered in Footnoted Pro's report have dropped precipitously since their May 17th publication date. Education Management (EDMC) has fallen from $22 to $12, a 45% drop. Lincoln Educational Services (LINC) dropped from $25 to $14, a 44% loss... and the list goes on.

Embedded below is a sample of their research on the for-profit education stocks from May:

You can download a .pdf sample here.

Needless to say, a subscription to Footnoted Pro's service more than pays for itself with the actionable ideas garnered. They analyze hundreds of company SEC filings everyday so you don't have to and provide you with weekly reports. Take advantage of the exclusive 15% savings by clicking here.

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