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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tudor Sells Completely Out of Renewable Energy Holdings (LON: REH)

Just yesterday, we highlighted that Paul Tudor Jones' hedge fund had reduced its position in Renewable Energy Holdings (LON: REH) to a 3.99% ownership stake in the company. They've just filed another regulatory disclosure which reveals that the hedge fund sold completely out of REH and now own 0 shares due to trading on September 24th, 2010.

What's interesting here is that Weiss Asset Management (the investment manager to Brookdale International and Brookdale Global), have just acquired a 6.5% holding in Renewable Energy Holdings due to trading on the exact same day. So, it's somewhat likely that Tudor was essentially selling to Weiss.

Taken from Google Finance, Renewable Energy Holdings is "a United Kingdom-based renewable energy company. It owns and operates the European on-shore windfarms, the Kesfeld and Kirf Windfarms in Germany and the Gwynt Cymru Landfill Gas site in Wales. The Company operates in five segments: head office, CETO development, German windfarms, polish windfarms and landfill gas."

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