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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dan Loeb Discloses Gold Bullion and Potash (POT) Positions

For September, Dan Loeb's hedge fund Third Point was up 3.9%. Year to date for 2010, their offshore fund is up 19.1%. Third Point's annualized return now sits at 18% with a correlation to the S&P 500 of 0.41 and a Sharpe Ratio of 1.27. To follow in his successful footsteps, check out Dan Loeb's recommended reading.

In a monthly disclosure to investors, Loeb's portfolio reveals some interesting new plays. At the end of September, Third Point's top positions were:

1. Chrysler (multiple securities)
2. Gold Bullion

3. Delphi Corp (multiple securities)

4. Potash (POT)

5. CIT Group (multiple securities)

The most notable change right off the bat is the listing of gold bullion as Third Point's 2nd largest position. As far as we're aware, Loeb has not owned gold since around the beginning of 2009 when he utilized it as an uncertainty hedge. This position was not present in the previous monthly disclosures from the hedge fund so its fresh appearance is duly noted.

Many investors will be curious as to his rationale for the position. In Third Point's latest letter, Loeb outlined how the firm had put on numerous "asymmetrical trades using derivatives, options and debt securities to hedge against extraordinary global events." They are allocating 1% of fund assets per annum to this protection. In late 2008 and into the first quarter of 2009, Third Point utilized gold (among other things) as 'doomsday and fat tail risk' trades. Gold bullion could again be a part of that basket, but they might have purchased for other reasons too, there's no clear answer.

The second notable portfolio change is Third Point's addition of Potash (POT) to the portfolio in size. As their fourth largest holding, this stock is an arbitrage play. Potash received an unsolicited buyout offer of $130 per share from BHP Billiton (BHP). Shares currently trade above the offer at $141 as speculation grows a bidding war will emerge or BHP will raise their offer.

Third Point's recent winning positions include: Lyondell (LALLF), a post-reorganization equity that many hedge funds have been fond of, including Jamie Dinan's York Capital. In Loeb's second quarter letter to investor, he asserted his fondness for post-reorganization equities and mortgage exposure. Loeb's fund also saw positive performance from their Anadarko Petroleum (APC) stake, a position we revealed after the unfortunate Gulf oil spill. Other winning stakes for Third Point include NewPage Corp and Liberty Media Corp Interactive (LINTA). Losing positions for the firm consist of four undisclosed short positions.

Back in the second quarter, we noted that Third Point reduced equity exposure. That theme is largely still prevalent as the hedge fund is only 26.3% net long equities. They are net short energy at -0.3% and their largest net longs are consumer at 7.9% and financials at 5.9%. In credit, we see a new position as Third Point is net short Government at -14.4%. They are net long mortgage backed securities (MBS) at 19.5% and distressed at 15.8%. In terms of other portfolio positions, we noted how both Loeb's Third Point and David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital recently provided a bridge loan to BioFuel Energy (BIOF).

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