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Friday, October 8, 2010

Use the Same Research as Hedge Funds: Footnoted Pro 15% Off

Do you manage money professionally? Here's your chance to utilize the same research that many hedge funds use. And even better, you can receive it with an exclusive 15% discount for Market Folly readers. Footnoted Pro (now a part of Morningstar), sorts through hundreds of company SEC filings each day to find the details buried within. Footnoted Pro is a weekly report of the most actionable and noteworthy details from these filings. Our readers save 15% exclusively.

What kind of research can you expect? Institutional quality research that many hedge funds read each week. Back in May, Footnoted highlighted uncertainty in the for-profit education space based on filings from various companies. Stocks profiled by Footnoted Pro have fallen over 40% since then. Michelle Leder and the Footnoted team have meticulously sorted through company filings for years. They know all the nuances and tricks in the book and save you time by identifying them with a weekly summary report. Footnoted Pro typically costs $10,000 for a year's worth of weekly updates. Market Folly readers save $1500 in this exclusive discount.

Embedded below is a sample of one of their weekly reports highlighting actionable ideas:

You can download a .pdf sample here.

Footnoted Pro sorts through company SEC filings every single day so you don't have to. They highlight accounting gimmicks, excessive management compensation, and even more serious problems. If you manage money professionally, use the same research that hedge funds do: Save 15% by clicking here.

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