What We're Reading ~ 10/22/10 ~ market folly

Friday, October 22, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 10/22/10

Blackstone's Steve Schwarzman talks about his worst loss [Dealbreaker]

John Paulson lowers Bank of America (BAC) EPS estimates [Teri Buhl, Forbes]

An interview with Whitney Tilson of T2 Partners [Benzinga]

Cautionary signs in the market [Abnormal Returns]

Bank of America woes haven't put John Paulson's trade in the red [Teri Buhl, Forbes]

Activist investing picks up via Ackman & Icahn [CNNMoney]

Harrah's files for IPO (HET) [DistressedDebtInvesting]

An interview with Eric Sprott [Business Insider]

Noble (NE) impacted by moratorium but worst may have passed [Rational Walk]

Paul Tudor Jones says price limits are needed [BusinessWeek]

For-profit education stocks worth monitoring during government reform [Peridot Capitalist]

Why dividend stocks might be riskier than you think [Business Insider]

Copper loses its PhD & set for a stumble [Trader's Narrative]

Reasons for optimism: equity thoughts & forecast for Q4 [Trader's Narrative]

How to tell when the CEO is full of it [peHUB]

Lone Pine's Stephen Mandel seeds another hedge fund manager [HFAlert]

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